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Roof replacement quad cities

It's What We Do Underneath The Shingles
That Really Makes The Difference

If your Quad Cities roofing contractor doesn’t strictly adhere to the following standards, then you shouldn’t let them on your roof.

1. Always, Always Completely Tear Off All Previous Roofing Material

Too many roofing contractors in Moline, Davenport, and the Quad Cities don’t bother to completely tear off previous roofing materials. We never want to take the chance of putting a new roof over rotted material. We remove all the old roof and inspect all underlying material so that we build on a solid foundation.

2. We Add Six Feet Of Ice And Water Shield To Withstand
The Extremes of Our Harsh Climate

Even the best shingles can’t hold off water and moisture forever. Your roofing system needs protection from areas of the roof where water has a tendency to collect or flow. It’s important to prevent water collection on a roof because that can cause an ice dam to form. If a roof has places for water to pool and ice to form, it can cause water damage to the interior of your home. The start of your roof line, valleys, chimneys, and skylights are especially vulnerable to water. We add an Ice and Water shield to prevent water from getting under the roof covering and flowing into the attic. Most roofing companies near Moline only go 3 feet up from the roof line; Mainstream installs 6 feet of ice and water shield for added protection.

3. We Add Synthetic Felt To Protect Against Water And To Help Stop
UV Exposure And Premature Roof Deterioration

We add synthetic felt as another layer of protection. Your roof needs to be protected from water damage in the attic, such as mold growth and rotting deck boards. Synthetic felt not only acts as a secondary water shedding barrier for your roof once shingles are installed – it helps to protect your roof from UV exposure. The combination of synthetic felt with a quality shingle help shield your home from moisture infiltration.

4. Proper Ventilation Adds Years To Your Roof

Ventilation is a very important component to the health of your roofing system. Mainstream uses a ridge vent to allow outside air to flow naturally upward and out of the attic. Proper ventilation will help prevent rotting, mildew, and drywall damage.