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There’s A Good Reason Why Charter Oak Is Widely Considered America’s Premium Siding

No Other Siding Can Match Our Natural – Wood Appearance

Charter Oak Energy Elite System moline il

Charter Oak achieves a unique natural wood appearance. Neighbors may wonder how your natural wood siding in Moline continues to look like new, year after year – and they never see you painting or scraping. You get the depth and appearance of wood – without ever having to paint.

Looking for durability that spans the generations? Charter Oak® combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom. Alside's exclusive TriBeam® Design gives Charter Oak superior rigidity, while a double-thick nail hem enables it to withstand high winds. Charter Oak has been independently tested to resist Category 5 hurricane-force winds.

The Charter Oak family of products are available in 14 of today's most popular colors, plus 8 deeper, richer colors from our exclusive Architectural Color Collection. Click here to the selection of colors available for Charter Oak Siding.

Developing a tough, durable and beautiful vinyl siding for Moline and bettendorf such as Charter Oak requires the technical skills of a chemical process engineer and the visual sensibilities of an architect. That's because the premium vinyl used in Charter Oak is more than just a simple PVC resin. It's a proprietary compound, with each ingredient chosen to add specific benefits to the final product.

The Key To Our Energy Saving Siding Is The Superior Engineering Backing Every Square Inch

Vinyl Siding Insulation - Fullback Perform Guard

A patented defense against termites and carpenter ants based on a naturally-occurring mineral

Insulation is designed to keep people comfortable. Unfortunately, the same protective environment that keeps homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer can be an attractive habitat for certain pests.

In order to prevent this problem, we manufacture the Fullback Thermal Support System with Perform Guard, using a patented process that incorporates an EPA - registered additive into the insulation during manufacturing. Perform guard uses a naturally-occurring inorganic mineral (boron) that deters carpenter ants and termites. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for this application and is safe for humans and pets.

Fullback also fills the hollow void behind siding where pests might otherwise travel. Thanks to Fullback thermal Support and Perform Guard, carpenter ants and termites will not choose a home behind your siding in Moline or Bettendorf.

Fullback Thermal Support System is a contoured foam system precisely configured to fit the profile of any siding panel. It completely eliminates the problems associated with the void behind conventional hollow siding. It eliminates the cozy space between the siding and the home where insects may congregate. Made with Perform Guard, the contoured foam in Fullback is resistant to termites and carpenter ants.

Termite exposure tests have been conducted by industry-recognized institutions following test standards. Product performance testing in the laboratory and in the field for over a decade has demonstrated that foam construction materials with Perform Guard resists termite infestation when installed following manufacturer's recommendations. Perform Guard has also demonstrated resistance to carpenter ants and contains a flame retardant.

Perform Guard is manufactured to quality control program standards monitored by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and is recognized by national building codes. The manufacturer warrants the product for termite resistance, structural integrity and thermal performance.

A "Green" Building Product