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What To Look For When Choosing A Siding Contractor

Posted on May 9, 2018

Siding Contractors Bettendorf

When you look at your home, is your siding cracked and peeling? Maybe it is made from a material that just isn't durable enough. A high quality, durable, vinyl siding installed by professional siding contractors in Bettendorf will give your home that beautiful, new home look that you are looking for.

When you arrive at your driveway you should look at your home and think that it is the best home in your neighborhood. You can have that sought-after home no matter what size or style of home you have. New siding will make more of a change to your home than any other improvement because it is the biggest change you can make to your home. 

Quality Products

No matter what improvement you make to your home, if it isn't done with quality products you will be disappointed. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we only install superior quality products. Some siding contractors in Bettendorf will use sub-quality products that will not look as good or perform as well. 

At Mainstream Home Improvement, we are proud to install Alside vinyl siding systems. You can choose Alsides Charter Oak siding which has unmatched durability. Charter Oak siding not only gives your home a natural wood appearance without the maintenance requirements, it will also withstand high force winds for years to come. When a vinyl siding can endure the elements, you can rest assured it will be an energy-efficient choice for your home.

The Company Cares

When you choose a siding contractor, you will want to look at the roots of the company. What do they stand for? Do they have customer satisfaction? In other words, what is their track record when it comes to siding installation? It is important to read reviews from customers as well as look for any special recognition that the company has received.

At Mainstream Home Improvement, we proudly display our customer reviews as well as awards we have received, because we are proud of the quality of our company and what we stand for. We want our customers to be proud to have us do their home improvements. 

Long-term Investment

When you choose a siding contractor in Bettendorf, you will probably hear words like investment and affordability. There are some important things to remember when it comes to money. It is your hard-earned money, and a company that tries to take shortcuts that will cost you in the long-term is not a good choice. If the products that a company uses are sub-quality, it will be a waste of your hard-earned money.

The siding contractor you should choose should be a company that will sit down with you at the start of the project and find out what your expectations for your home are. A company who is willing to listen to what you need for your home, and to make it as affordable as possible while still giving you quality products and quality workmanship, is a company that cares.

When you are ready to have your siding replaced, or if you are building a new home and you want to start it off right with quality siding, call Mainstream Home Improvement. We will listen to your siding needs and not pressure you to buy. We will give you a warranty that will mean something because our products and our high standard of workmanship mean something to us. Give us a call or go online today to get started on your siding project.

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