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The Surprising Way Patio Doors Add Space To Your Home

Posted January 21, 2018

Patio Doors Rock Island

Many times, there are things about your home that you would like to change and for one reason or another, you simply can’t. Either you don’t have the funds to change things or the layout of your home won’t allow for it without a major renovation. Sometimes, the thing that you want to change is to add more living space to your home. While that can’t always be accomplished, there is a solution to this problem. Sometimes, you don’t need to add more space you just need the space that you have to be more usable.

Living Space Redefined

In previous years, living space was only counted as such if it was contained inside the walls of your home but that is no longer the case. Usable living space is not only found on the inside of home anymore but on the outside as well. Whether your outdoor space comes in the form of a beautiful yard, an open deck, or an inviting patio, it can all be considered living space.

These spaces all have their advantages.      

Inexpensive Way To Add Living Space

Even if you don’t have a patio or a deck a yard, you can probably add one. Patios and decks can be a much more inexpensive way to add living space than adding on to your home and for many homeowners, it is actually preferable to adding on.

Can Draw Potential Buyers

Outdoor spaces are excellent alternatives to indoor entertaining and even family dinners. They are one of the top, most coveted, design elements for many potential homebuyers. So if you’re considering selling your home, a patio or deck can add value and bring in potential buyers to your home.


Living Space vs Usable Living Space

There is a significant difference between actual living space and useable living space. In fact, there is one key element that magically transforms a space from unusable to usable and that is patio doors.


It doesn’t matter if you have a huge deck or an inviting patio or a gorgeous yard if there is no easy way to access and enjoy them.  Patio doors can make your outdoor space a valuable asset to your home.

When you install patio doors, you will find that you spend more and more time in what was previously an unused and wasted area of your home. You will have family dinner on your deck or patio and you will find entertaining friends easy and enjoyable.

You don’t necessarily need to add on to your home, you just need to be smart about the use of the space that you have. Installing patio doors in Rock Island can be the key to it all. Mainstream Home improvement has all of your home improvement needs. From windows to siding to new roofing and gutter replacement, we have it all. And don’t forget the magical element that brings it all together; the patio doors. Call us today and we’ll bring yours on out.

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