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The Most Durable Siding Choices for Homes Experiencing Mother Nature's Worst

Posted on September 5, 2017

House Siding in Rock Island, IL

There are only a few layers of building materials keeping you, your family and your home's interior from the damage and destruction of the worst weather storms and extremes. That's why it's so important to make an investment in quality house siding in Rock Island. If your home's siding isn't up to the task, you could be bringing water, mold, heat, cold and damage into your home. Here are the most durable siding options you may want to choose if your home has suffered the worst from Mother Nature's fury.

Stucco or Stone

Ancient structures from long ago that are still standing are often made from stone, which shows how durable this material is. Another option that can also withstand almost anything is stucco. Years ago, stucco was a popular choice for homeowners looking for something long lasting. Today, there aren't as many stone or stucco options for house siding in Rock Island.


Brick is another traditional material that can last for centuries without too much damage. There are lots of old, historic homes that are still looking grand because of their brick construction. Today's homeowners, however, aren't as likely to choose brick siding because of the design and color limitations.

Engineered Wood

A more modern and convenient option that lets you dictate your home's style is engineered wood. This option is also a lot more affordable than some of the other, older siding choices. If you want to get a long-lasting product that won't ruin your budget, this may be a great option.

Prodigy Siding

A final durable product to consider if you're researching house siding in Rock Island is Prodigy siding. Not only is this type of siding affordable and strong, it can also help homeowners improve their house's insulation because of its protective features.

Mainstream Home Improvement can help you find the perfect siding product for your home's style and your design tastes. Call the experienced staff today at 309-762-6244 or enter your information in this online form to get more details.

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