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Tear off the Roof – What Should You Find?

Posted July 30, 2016

roofing in Iowa

Your roof is one of the best protections you have against the ravages of the outside world. However, many homeowners only focus on what they want for the outer roofing material. The best experts in roofing in Iowa can attest that a roof is much more than just the top layer, and it is truly what lies beneath that brings protection and value to a home. Looking at a cross section of a well-made roof, these are the layers you should find beneath your shingles:

1. Insulation

This is used to prevent heat loss through your attic and roof as the warm air in your house rises. Standard insulation is installed along your roof, itself. Attic insulation is applied to your attic floor and in between your rafters over the attic ceiling.

2. Deck

The deck is typically made from plywood sheets and rests on top of the roofing trusses. This layer is the base support for all the ones above it.

3. Ice and Water Shield

Over time, extreme precipitation and temperatures can cause water damage to your home interior, especially if your roof isn’t sufficiently shielded. The ice and water shield is a waterproof barrier against pooling. It typically peels and sticks directly onto your deck. Most contractors will lay it three feet up from your roof line. A top notch contractor for roofing in Iowa will lay it six feet up, instead.

4. Underlayment

The underlayment generally covers your entire deck and is made of synthetic felt or fiberglass paper. It’s primarily designed as another coat of protection against moisture damage, but certain materials also offer UV protection to ward off premature deterioration.

Top It Off

From asphalt gray to adobe clay, shingles have long featured a wide variety of colors, styles, and types of material. This is the crowning layer of a complete roofing structure. Whether your style runs towards the modern or the vintage, the more aesthetic or the more durable, the best contractors for roofing in Iowa can help you ensure that your home is not only appealing, but also well-protected.

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