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Posted August 30, 2016

roof in Quad Cities

Purchasing a new roof is one of the most expensive purchases that a homeowner can make. If you are shopping for a house roof in quad cities, consider asking these three questions when interviewing potential contractors.

How Long Have They Been Established?

When hiring a contractor it is important to consider how long the business has been established. Contractors who have been established for a longer period of time are often more prepared to tackle your roofing needs and complete the job on time and within budget. Contractors who are more well established are also more likely to have a long list of references available for you to review. This will help you gain a better understanding of the type of craftsmanship available from a potential contractor.

Employees or Subcontractors?

It is important to understand if a contractor has their own employees or if they hire subcontractors to complete the work on your home. While many contractors higher responsible subcontractors, it is possible that subcontractors are used as a way for the contractor to avoid costly insurance protection. If you do hire a contractor who uses subcontractors to install your house roof in Quad Cities, be sure to inquire about who is responsible for providing insurance for the craftsman.

What Kinds of Warranties?

Different contract will offer different kinds of warranties depending on the materials they use. Different materials have different manufacturer warranties for wear and tear and defective materials. These warranties may be affected by how the materials are installed. Be sure to ask many questions about warranties of each contractor you interview so you can have the best understanding possible of how your purchase and your home will be protected.

Shopping for a new roof can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. If you needs a house roof in Quad Cities, interview your contractors with these questions and others for the best understanding of the work that will be done on your home. Your purchase of a new roof can be less stressful when you ask the right questions.

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