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Protect Your Home's Siding for a Rough Winter

Posted on September 12, 2017

House Siding in Davenport, IL

The bitter cold temperatures of the winter and the frozen precipitation can be tough on your home, especially your siding. Some homeowners are dismayed to find out certain parts of their siding are vulnerable to winter's wrath. There is a way to keep your siding and your home protected from damage or destruction this winter. Here are some things you can do to protect your house siding in Davenport, IL this winter.

Make Repairs

The first thing to do should happen months before the first snowflake hits the ground. You'll need to make sure your house siding is ready to go by checking for spots that need repair. Any type of damage or deterioration should be dealt with by a professional before winter arrives. Otherwise, you could be looking at even more damage or a costly siding replacement.

Clear Snow

Another key thing to remember during the winter season is to watch how much snow piles up against your home's siding. Leaving heavy piles of snow against your home's siding can create pockets of moisture. The constant freezing and melting of the snow could cause house siding in Davenport to buckle and leave your home vulnerable to damage.

Remove Ice

Ice is another destructive component of winter that you should keep an eye out for. When the temperatures get cold enough, make sure there is no ice build up along your home's roof or gutters. This way, you can avoid a potentially damaging surprise.

Clean Gutters

Lastly, don't forget to put some attention on your gutters throughout the fall and winter season. House siding in Davenport can be impacted by gutters clogged with leaves, snow and ice. Over time, the water from rain and snow spills over and drips down along your siding, causing damage.

Mainstream Home Improvement has plenty of siding solutions to help keep your home protected this winter. Call 309-762-6244 or fill out this online form to learn how you can be proactive this winter and stay protected.

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