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Modern Farmhouse Siding In The Quad Cities

Posted on June 29, 2018

House Siding Quad Cities

You can't think of the Quad Cities without thinking about John Deere, because this is the location of the John Deere World Headquarters, the Quad Cities top tourist attraction. When you think of John Deere, you automatically think of farms with cozy farmhouses. If you have always wanted a farmhouse, but you don't have a farm, choose a house siding in Quad Cities that will take you back to the farm.

A Simpler Time

The Midwest has a feel of a bygone era even in the cities. You can imagine how the countryside looked before industry took over. Life along the Mississippi River was slow and easy with farmland stretching out for miles and miles. Life was simpler back then, as we all know. If you yearn for a more simple time or maybe you would like to give your house that farmhouse look, siding is where you will want to start.

Wood Was A Tradition

Farmhouses of the past had a uniqueness about them. Farmhouses were inviting, and they usually represented the family. When a house was built on the farm long ago, it was traditionally made from wood because that was what was available. When you construct a house with wood, it can rot and be an attraction for pests such as termites. So we would advise against choosing wood siding to give your home that farmhouse look. 

Old Meets New

If you want that unique, natural, wood look without the worry of your siding rotting away, choose Charter Oak Siding. Charter Oak siding has authentic wood beauty, but is a durable vinyl siding.  When you select Charter Oak siding you get the look of a wood siding but the durability and long-lasting features of vinyl siding. A wood siding can be affected by rain, but the rain won't rot, shrink, or cause this siding to swell. 

Windy City

Another feature of the Midwest that we all love is the weather. If you don't like it today, just wait, you might like it tomorrow. Wind is a prominent part of the weather in Quad Cities. It is essential that you choose a siding that can withstand heavy winds. Although there are no hurricanes here, we do have tornados and intense straight winds. Charter Oak siding has been tested to withstand category five hurricane force winds. 


Farmhouses of the past were usually white or not painted at all. Today you can achieve either of these looks with a neutral shade of siding. Choosing a neutral grey can give you that washed-out look, while choosing a shade of white will provide you with a fresh, crisp feel. Your choice of color for your farmhouse should be in a tone that makes you feel like you are back at the farm. Choose a creamy white siding or a misty blue, as long as you can imagine it on a farmhouse.

Going back to the farm isn't the only way to achieve a simpler lifestyle today. You can take yourself back in time each time you come home by choosing a siding that is reminiscent of long-gone farmhouses that dotted our countryside. At Mainstream Home Improvement, we install the Charter Oak Energy Elite Siding System to give your home that, look of wood, while providing a durable, long-lasting siding that will endure whatever weather we get in the Quad Cities. We listen to your ideas for your home improvements. Our siding designers will help you choose a color that is perfect for your farmhouse home. Give us a call today at (309) 762-6244 to get started.

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