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Is Your Roof Ready for Quad City Weather?

Posted August 01, 2016

roofing in Quad City

As summer comes to an end and people start getting ready for the long, cold winter, there’s a lot of time spent buying jackets and pants and the other accessories people need to keep warm. While no one is surprised when the chilly weather rolls in, very few people are concerned enough with the quality of their roofing in Quad City. If your roof is old, it’s probably struggling to keep warm air from escaping. If it’s really old, you could be one storm away from water cascading into your home.

Check for Damage

Spotting areas of the roof that are in bad shape can help you get repairs done before the damage increases. Broken and missing shingles aren’t too hard to see, and warping panels are usually an indication that moisture is collecting between the roof and house. Wind is a big adversary when it comes to roofing in Quad City homes, so you always want to do an inspection after a particularly blustery day. It’s also important to check the sections of roof that meet at steep angles and by the chimney, as those areas can develop separation.

Know Your Materials

It’s harder to know how your roof is holding up when you don’t know what it’s made of. You might understand that your home is covered in shingles, but there are a lot of different materials that go into making those pieces. If you have a composite roof, some components will suffer more during the rainy season and others will wear down under the sun. For homeowners with metal roofs, the material should hold up to most types of weather, so unexpected damage could be the result of poor installation.

You shouldn’t wait for your roof to start leaking before you call a company that handles roofing in Quad City. Take the time to inspect your home and fix minor problems before it’s too late.

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