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How to Spot a Failing Roof Before There is Damage to Your House

Posted on February 7, 2020

Roof Replacement in LeClaire, IA

Roofs are not built to last forever, but often homeowners don't notice that a roof is nearing the end of its life until problems begin to make their way into the rest of the house. But if the issue is already stretching below the roof, it's too late and you'll have costly repairs to make to the attic, ceilings, or structure of the home. It's best to catch roofing problems as early as possible, but how? Here are a few telltale signs:

Missing Shingles

One way to tell the shape your roof is in is to take a look at the shingles. Sometimes you may have missing shingles soon after a storm, blown away by strong winds. However, if you find that you have missing or loose shingles without an obvious natural cause, it may be that the shingles are no longer adhering the way they once were. Another issue could be cracked or curling shingles, though this can point to a poor roof ventilation system more than trouble adhering to the roof.


If you look at your roof and the shape seems to be off, there's probably a problem. If the roof was only recently installed and you notice it's sagging, that probably speaks to a poor installation job. It could also be sagging from the weight of heavy snow or ice. However, if the roof is old and you're starting to notice a sagging shape, that speaks to a weakened structure that should be replaced as soon as possible.

Failing Roof Vents

Your roof vents are an important element to your roof's health as a whole. They keep humidity at bay. Without them, your roof could become susceptible to moisture issues like mold, rot, curling shingles, or a weakened structure. If your vent flashing is loose, the vent is cracked, or your roof vents don't seem to be operational, that's bad news for your roof and needs to be repaired at the very least — possibly replaced, along with the rest of your roofing system. 

Are you concerned that your roof might be failing? Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today to learn more about our strong roofing system, including ice and water shields and roof ventilation.

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