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Go Green: 4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Home

Posted on August 8, 2017

House Siding in Rock Island, IL

In today's world, catchphrases like "climate change" and "energy efficiency" are plastered everywhere you turn around. On a larger scale, these concepts may seem overwhelming and hard to understand, but how can you, as a homeowner, start to change your habits and make your home more energy efficient and put money back in your pocket? We have a few ideas to help you get started, from changing the timing of your lights to investing in new house siding in Rock Island.

1. Adapt Your Methods of Cooling

If you are running your air conditioner non-stop, your utility bills and your energy consumption are skyrocketing. Instead of relying on electrical methods of cooling your home, try planting shade trees in strategic areas around your yard to cool your home. This may be a better long-term solution, but you will be thankful for it down the road.

2. Control Your Lights

Many homeowners opt for outdoor lights to improve the security on their property, but leaving these lights on non-stop can use excessive amounts of energy. Try putting your motion detectors or outdoor lights on a timer to minimize how often they are used.

3. Invest in Eco-Friendly Products

The home improvement industry is quickly moving to more eco-friendly options, and house siding in Rock Island is one of the first places you can start to go green. Eco-friendly types include wood, stucco, insulated vinyl and fiber-cement.

4. Watch for Leaks

Fixing a leaking pipe or faucet quickly is one crucial way to avoid wasting clean water. If you notice a toilet that runs constantly, a bathroom faucet that leaks or a dripping sound in your walls, it may be time to call a professional to have your home checked.

We Can Help

At Mainstream Home Improvement, we have the tools needed to upgrade your home to a more energy efficient model that saves you money each month. From new windows to gutter covers to house siding in Rock Island, contact us at 309-762-6244 for all your home improvement needs.

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