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Getting the Most From Your New Roof

Posted August 24, 2016

roof replacement in Quad Cities

Installing a new roof can be a costly expense that might be necessary for the protection of the structure of your home. How can you tell that you are purchasing a roof that will last when you are shopping for residential roof replacement in Quad Cities? Before you have a new roof installed, look for a contractor who follows these steps to get the longest life possible from your roofing materials.

Remove Previous Roofing Material

Depending on where you live, local building codes may have an allowance for how many roofing layers can be installed on a single roof. While it is possible to install a new roof over old roofing materials, it is usually better to tear the old shingles off and install an entirely new roof. New shingles typically do not seal well when installed as a second or third layer, which can result in leaks or shingles blowing off easily in inclimate weather. Multiple layers of shingles also usually create an unsightly unevenness on a roof.

Install High Quality Felt

A high quality roofing felt, also known as tar paper or underlayment, will increase the fire rating of a roof system while acting as a moisture barrier between wood decking and shingles. If you are looking for residential roof replacement in Quad Cities, roofing felt will help protect the people working on your home by providing them with traction while they are installing, and will protect your home against the elements once your roof is completed.

Installing a new roof can be a large investment for any homeowner. When you are shopping for a contractor, ask multiple businesses the same questions so that you can make a fair comparison between the services and products being offered. When you are ready for residential roof replacement in Quad Cities, choose a contractor that will use the materials and follow the necessary steps for you to get the most life possible out of your investment.

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