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The Benefits of Installing Prodigy Siding

Posted on May 10, 2019

Moline Siding Replacement

No one wants to jump into the decision of choosing their home siding too rashly. Your siding is the thing standing in between your home's walls and all of the outdoor elements, and if it's flimsy, that's bad news for everyone who lives there. As siding installers, we feel the same way. That's why we're confident when we offer Prodigy Siding. This siding is quite simply stronger than most other siding options on the market, and certainly strong enough to stand up to the weather in Moline. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy in your home:


One of the main benefits of Prodigy Siding is that it's insulated. You don't have to worry about drafts or heat loss with this siding. A contoured underlayment of insulation tightly seals the home to offer an R-value as high as 5.3 on dutch lap panels and 5.0 on clapboard. With this insulation, your home will stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer and comfortable for all the days in between, without causing a spike in your heating and cooling bills. In fact, you're likely to see a decrease in your energy bills and your carbon footprint once you install this siding.


This siding isn't just tough on the inside but strong on the outside, so it stands up to whatever the elements throw its way. It holds up against heavy winds and the vinyl surface resists dings and scratches, whether the storm comes from the sky or a particularly rowdy group of kids. It comes finished and never needs to be painted. The color won't fade, so it will continue to look great for years to come. It's this durability that gives Prodigy Siding the confidence to offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on their products.

The Look of Wood

Everyone loves the look of wood siding. It's classic and there's just something that can't be topped about the texture of it. But wood siding comes with heavy maintenance and often doesn't last very long before it rots, swells, or warps. Premium vinyl siding, on the other hand, resists rotting, swelling, and warping, and when you choose Prodigy siding, it can even be made to take on a wood grain appearance that looks authentic. It comes in a variety of colors over that wood grain texture, but unlike real wood, this siding will stand up to the elements and is low maintenance.

Interested in installing Prodigy Siding for your home? Contact Mainstream Home Improvements today for more information.

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