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Why You Should Replace Your Wood Siding With Vinyl

Posted April 12 , 2017

House siding Bettendorf

In the Bettendorf area, many homes have traditional wood siding. While this material provides an effective barrier to the elements, it requires a significant amount of maintenance. If you are remodeling a house, you might be looking for an efficient, attractive alternative. If so, you should forget everything you think you know about vinyl and consider it for your house siding in Bettendorf. Here are five ways vinyl siding beats traditional wood siding.

Vinyl Is a Cost-Effective Alternative

Typically, vinyl siding costs significantly less than wood or other house siding options. For home remodelers, the cost savings can be appealing. Instead of eating up the budget with expensive, exterior siding, those that go with vinyl can spend their remodeling dollar on other home features.

Vinyl Is Versatile

Available in a virtually limitless variety of colors and styles, vinyl siding can meet practically anyones design expectations. Even better, since it is easy to install, vinyl house siding in Bettendorf works well on homes that have unique architectural features.

Vinyl Is Low-Maintenance

Unlike wood which you must routinely sand, paint, stain, and seal, vinyl requires very little maintenance. In fact, with just a squirt from the garden house, vinyl typically looks great.

Vinyl Is Efficient

Unlike damaged wood siding, new vinyl siding takes advantage of technological advancements to offer an efficient covering for the outside of your house. Those that install vinyl often find that they save money each month on their utility bills.

Vinyl Is Durable

Vinyl siding does not easily chip, fade, or crack. Instead, it holds up well to virtually any weather condition or element. Because of this, you probably would not have to worry about siding damage if you choose to swap your wood for vinyl.

By replacing wood siding with vinyl house siding in Bettendorf, you can get an attractive, efficient, low-maintenance, exterior covering. For at least five reasons, then, this material beats conventional wood for home siding.

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