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Which Gutter Guard Is Right for You?

Posted June 05, 2017

gutter guards Davenport

Gutter guards may seem like a fairly generic product, but there is in fact a large variety of different types of gutter guards. Companies will often patent a certain design, and while each may be unique, gutter guards generally fall into categories, similarly to the way that each car is unique from company to company, but still fall in the category of sedan, SUV, pickup truck etc. If you are looking at installing gutter guards in Davenport, here is a basic overview of different types of gutter guards.

There are essentially two broad categories that gutter guards can fall into, covers and screens. Gutter covers are exactly what the name suggests, they cover your gutter and can be made of aluminum, plastic, copper or nylon. One of the most popular type of gutter covers are reverse curve gutter guards, which use water tension to allow water to flow into the gutter while funneling debris off the roof. They are generally more durable and require professional installation. If you decide on this option it would be a good idea to contact a company experienced with the installation of gutter guards in Davenport. Gutter screens use mesh and foam materials to filter debris while allowing water to pass through. They are often made of wire mesh or a plastic foam that is placed directly in the gutter. They are usually cheaper and easier to install, but are less durable and may require more maintenance.

If you are looking to install gutter guards in Davenport, the type of guard you choose will depend on your needs, your home, and your budget. Gutter covers are usually more durable than screens, but the installation cost can be higher as well. Whichever one you choose, it is a good idea to consult with a professional who will be able to assess what type of system would be most feasible and effective for your home so you can avoid problems caused by poor installation and protect your gutters with the right system.

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