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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Vinyl Siding

Posted May 30, 2017

vinyl siding Quad Cities

Are you ready to replace your siding? Quality vinyl is a popular option able to compete with the charming appeal of wood while still reducing your energy costs. Contractors like Mainstream Home Improvement can provide you with the best vinyl siding in the Quad Cities.


Deciding to replace your siding is a big move, so it is understandable that you would want to look for the most affordable options. This is where investing in quality really matters. While there may be cheaper brands out there, you could end up paying more in repairs and additional replacements over the years.

Quality vinyl is extremely durable and holds up over time with virtually no cracking, splitting or denting. The stronger material also protects against water damage and pests. Because vinyl does not rot like wood might, you do not have to worry about termites and insect infestations. You can also save quite a bit of time on maintenance, as vinyl only requires an occasional spray wash.


Another important factor as you look for vinyl siding in the Quad Cities is aesthetic appeal. The appearance of your home gives visitors and neighbors an important first impression, so you may be interested in color options that Mainstream Home Improvement can offer. If you prefer a more natural appearance, finished vinyl siding panels can be designed to match the unique allure of wood while retaining all of theprotective qualities.


You should also consider energy efficiency when replacing your siding, especially if you experience extreme weather. Vinyl is much more effective at reducing your homes energy consumption by using a superior insulation system. Make sure that your insulation is EPA registered, and that it also protects against pests.

Investing in quality vinyl siding in the Quad Cities is the best way to improve your homes appearance and function overall. Reach out to a contractor like Mainstream Home Improvement to begin your new siding plans.

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