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Three Ways to Make Your Home Green With New House Siding

Posted April 28 , 2017

House siding Davenport

Sustainability is a big trend. More and more homeowners are wondering how they can conserve energy in their home and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Getting new house siding in Davenport is not only a great way to transform the look of your home, but also an environmentally responsible decision. These three green benefits of a siding renovation can convince any homeowner on the fence to make the jump.

1. Reduces Consumption

Quality siding is crafted with premium insulation that can protect your home through any storm. Exceptionally strong and durable siding means you can heat your home at a lower temperature on cold days, and leave your A/C running for a shorter time on burning days.

2. Long Lasting Performance

New house siding in Davenport can make your home the shining star in the neighborhood. While old siding rots, attracts bugs and accumulates moisture, new siding is manufactured using novel techniques in order to not wear away any time soon. Vinyl siding in particular is made from resins and acrylics that last longer than other types of materials. The benefits of insulated vinyl include:

A. Resistance to dents or surface damage

B. Less potential for mold and mildew

C. Less need for maintenance

3. Manufactured With Cutting-Edge Technology

If you choose the right siding, you can get the satisfaction of knowing it was created by environmentally friendly processes. Many plants recycle scrap vinyl to make batches of new material. Post-consumer siding, however, is harder to reprocess and typically sent to landfills. Fewer toxic chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere during recycling, and no lead is included. Better yet, vinyl requires less fuel to transport than wood siding.

House siding in Davenport can turn homes from drab to stunning in a way that can please any tree hugger. Choose one of the best brands on the market to start your journey of making your home earth friendly.

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