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The Marks of Quality Siding

Posted June 26, 2017

house siding Davenport

A homes siding lends both character and protection to the building, but keeping it well-maintained can be costly and time-consuming. Sunlight, moisture, strong weather, and insects all threaten your sidings integrity and appearance, and even the much-touted vinyl siding is not always as hardy as claimed. However, a bit of care in installation and inspection can hold off expensive repairs. When buying house siding in Davenport, look for these qualities in the product and installation service.

Virtues of Vinyl

Vinyl siding is an increasingly popular option for economically-minded homeowners. Modern manufacturing processes use various additives to improve the longevity and resilience of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin that makes up the siding. Titanium dioxide is an industry standard for fade-resistant pigments. Look for stabilizers and impact modifiers as well for improved impact and heat resistance.

What is Inside That Counts

Though vinyl siding is traditionally hollow, some contractors for house siding in Davenport offer a strong foam backing for the siding. This adds stability and uniformity, absorbing impacts and preventing rattling in the wind. The added insulation is a bonus for energy-conscious homeowners. Some insulated vinyl products also offer protection from termite and ant infestations thanks to deterrent additives and filling spaces that could become habitats.

Everything In Its Place

House siding in Davenport demands professional installation as well; the best siding materials go to waste if poorly assembled. This includes giving space at openings and between nail heads for the panel to expand and contract with temperature changes without warping, as well as properly aligning and fitting the panels together. Aluminum or galvanized nails are a must as well to prevent corrosion.

When in doubt, consult with the contractor and make sure that all these standards are met, and consider the conditions you expect the siding to be exposed to as well, to customize the installation as needed.

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