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The Brave New World of Vinyl Siding

Posted May 12, 2017

siding contractors Davenport

Vinyl Siding is economical, efficient, and low-maintenance, but sometimes, it is just not pretty. If you are basing your opinion of vinyl siding on that plastic-looking material your neighbors put up twenty years ago, you do not know what you are missing. In fact, you may have seen one of the new varieties of siding around your neighborhood without evening knowing it! Siding contractors in Davenport can introduce you to these new and improved materials and help you decide on the best siding for your home.

What Does Modern Vinyl Siding Look Like?

Modern siding materials are unlikely to fade, crack, or buckle like older versions, and the biggest plus of vinyl siding that it never needs painting means your house will never show the signs of peeling and cracking paint. Improved materials carried by Mainstream Home Improvement, such as Prodigy Siding and Charter Oak Siding, are engineered to look like wood, with a fine-grained texture that tricks the eye, but have a toughness wood just can not match.

Is Vinyl Siding Really Low-Maintenance?

The short answer is yes! However, it is not no-maintenance. To keep your house siding in quad cities looking its best, you need to wash your siding once a year to eliminate dirt, mold, and mildew that collects over time. If you have ever seen a house with siding tinged green or black, that is a sign it needs a good washing to get it back to looking like new.

Modern siding materials are extremely tough, but if damage does occur, replacing panels is a relatively easy and simple process that handy homeowners can do themselves. It is even simpler to call your local siding contractors in Davenport to complete the repair for you.

The next time you find your home is once again in need of paint, consider the option of a modern vinyl siding and never worry about painting again. With the look of wood and the strength provided by modern technology, there really is a whole new world of vinyl siding.

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