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Siding Replacement: What is Involved

Posted June 09, 2017

siding contractors Rock Island

Replacing your siding can be one of the best and most beneficial projects for your home. Not only can you update its look and increase curb appeal, new siding can also save energy. However it is not an easy process, and requires skill and experience. If you are looking for siding contractors in Rock Island, here is some basic information on what is involved in replacing your siding so you will be able ask informed questions and be more prepared for your improvement project.

Siding replacement is a complex process. There are multiple methods of installing siding, and depending on your home, decisions need to be made about whether to repair old siding or replace it. If your home has suffered damage from pests, water, or mold, this will need to be dealt with before the new siding can be installed. Siding contractors in Rock Island also need to have experience trimming openings for windows and doors, as well as making sure that the siding fits around corners, fascia, soffits and eaves. Additionally, if you want to install high quality vinyl siding that interlocks to minimize the ingress of pests, a contractor will need to be skilled in making sure the siding locks together properly.

When speaking with siding contractors in Rock Island, It may be a good idea to talk with them about the different types of siding available and get an estimate for what work needs to be done. If they are reputable, you will also want to look into reviews for their work and make sure they are licensed. With this in mind you will be able to hire a professional who is familiar with the methods of installing siding, working around doors and windows, and has the attention to detail needed ensure that your home can maximize the benefits of new, durable, energy efficient, pest deterrant siding.

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