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Replace Your Door With the Right Choice

Posted September 12, 2016

door replacement companies Moline

The door to your home should create a welcoming introduction while providing you with energy efficiency and safety. If the doors to your home are no longer visually appealing, have lost their energy efficiency, or are not providing the necessary security, you may be shopping for door replacement companies in Moline. There are several materials available for homeowners to choose from when replacing their doors.


Wood doors add elegance and warmth to entrances. This highly-customizable option is available in a wide variety of species, each with unique characteristics that can be modified with stains or paint. Because it is a porous natural material, wood is less energy efficient than synthetic materials. Swelling and contracting due to moisture and temperature changes make wooden doors require more regular maintenance.


Fiberglass doors are a popular option with door replacement companies in Moline. Fiberglass does not swell and contract due to changes in the weather, making these doors durable in a variety of climates. A wide variety of finishes are applied to fiberglass, making them a highly customizable option that does not chip or crack over time. These doors a very low maintenance option that offer high energy efficiency.


Homeowners occasionally choose steel doors because they have a high level of security. Because of its durability, steel doors are difficult to pass or manipulate. Steel doors are strong and durable, as well as highly energy efficient. These doors may rust or dent, and they therefore have the possibility of requiring some maintenance.

Any of the above types of doors can add style, comfort and safety to your home. Door replacement companies in Moline can help you create a welcoming feeling with a new door that suits your style while providing security. Insure that your doors are installed properly with the right choice of door instillation company.

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