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Pro Tips for Keeping Your Windows in Great Shape

Posted April 10 , 2017

Replacement windows Moline

Windows are vitally important to the look and feel of any home. Strangely, though, they are also easy for most homeowners to forget. In fact, aside from an occasional wipe down or gaze outside, many homeowners hardly pay any attention at all to their windows. Perhaps, though, they should. Since windows are such an integral part of any house, homeowners should take good care of them. If they do not, they will likely have to purchase replacement windows in Moline. Here are some tips from the professionals on how to keep windows in great shape.

Clean the Glass

Perhaps the most dreaded of household chores is window washing. Unfortunately, keeping your windows clean is important to keeping them in good shape. Not only will sparkling windows improve your visibility and enjoyment, but washing them will give you the opportunity to inspect your windows periodically for damage. If you see any, then, you can schedule repairs before your windows are ruined.

Repair Ripped Screens

Your window screens play an important role in keeping your windows safe from damage. If you have ripped or missing screens, you should repair or replace them as soon as you can. If you do not, debris could break your windows forcing you to buy replacement windows in Moline.

Ventilate Properly

Generally, condensation should not collect on the inside of your windows. If it does, over time, it can cause rotting. Therefore, if you notice excess moisture frequently gathers on your windows, contract with a professional to improve the ventilation of your home.


Wooden windows require routine painting, staining, or sealing to remain in good shape. If you have cracked paint or sun-damaged wood, your windows likely do not have the protection from weather and other elements they need. As such, be certain you properly maintain your windows to avoid damage.

By routinely inspecting and repairing your windows, you can probably keep them in good shape. If, however, you have a broken, outdated, or unsightly window, you might consider replacement windows in Moline.

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