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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Windows?

Posted April 07 , 2017

Window replacement Bettendorf

Home improvement enthusiasts frequently overlook window replacement when they are outlining remodeling plans. That might be a huge mistake. Not only can old windows cost you hundreds of extra dollars each month in higher energy costs, but they can take away from the overall look and feel of your home. Here are some signs it might be time to schedule window replacement in Bettendorf.

You Have Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Old windows can add a considerable amount to your monthly utility bills. Even if your outdated windows appear to be in good shape, they probably do not the modern insulating technology you need to save on energy costs. Instead of paying too much each month to heat and cool your home, you might consider replacing your inefficient windows.

Your Windows Would not Open

Windows should open and shut easily. If they do not, you can not enjoy a cool summer breeze or bring fresh air into your house. Even worse, inoperable windows can be a safety hazard. Instead of risking your physical wellbeing, then, you might contract for window replacement in Bettendorf.

Your Furniture Is Faded

The suns UV rays can wreak havoc on carpeting, furniture, and personal items. Old windows typically have insufficient protection from damaging radiation. Modern windows, by contrast, have technology designed to deflect harmful sunlight. Instead of damaging your belongings, then, you might choose to install new windows that protect your things from the harsh sun.

Your House Is Unsightly

Every homeowner wants to have an attractive house. Many, though, overlook the importance of new windows in boosting a homes curb appeal. If your house is unsightly, then, you might give it a facelift by swapping out its unattractive windows for sleek, modern alternatives.

Homeowners who overlook window replacement in Bettendorf can be destroying the look and feel of their home. If you notice any of these signs, you should probably order new windows as soon as you can.

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