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How Replacement Windows Are Energy Efficient

Posted April 05 , 2017

replacement windows Bettendorf

Few homeowners know how important it is to have energy efficient windows. Old or inefficient windows allow too much cold air to escape during cold weather and too much heat to enter the home during warm weather. This directly impacts your home's energy bill, increasing heating costs in the winter and cooling costs during the summer. Installing replacement windows in Bettendorf can help you save money as well as beautify your home.

One of the treatments available in modern energy efficient windows is a special low-emissivity coating, also known as low-E. With this coating, which doesn't reduce visibility, less ultraviolet and infrared light penetrates the glass. This helps keep heat in during the winter and reflect rays back off the glass to keep heat out during the summer.

Another factor to take into consideration in terms of window efficiency is air leakage. Windows with low rates of air leakage are better insulated and therefore more energy efficient. Awning and casement windows have lower air leakage rates than other types of windows. So if energy efficiency is one of your primary concerns for your replacement windows in Bettendorf, these are two styles of window that work well.

Modern windows also have energy ratings. Knowing the energy rating on the windows you select is important for determining how energy efficient they are. If your windows are certified by Energy Star, you can be sure that they have a higher energy efficiency than other windows. The type of energy performance rating that's best for the windows you purchase also depends on factors like the climate where you live, and the location of the windows in your home.

When you choose your replacement windows in Bettendorf, take energy efficiency into consideration. Not only will your home be better insulated, you will most likely also save some money on your heating and cooling bills.

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