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Hottest Trends in Interior Door Styles

Posted January 12, 2017

Interior doors Davenport

If you are remodeling your home or building a new one, you probably have not given much thought to the interior doors. Often homeowners see inside doors as functional pieces that separate rooms. That is shortsighted. If you choose the right ones, interior doors in Davenport can bring stylistic and architectural elements to any space. Here are some of the hottest trends in interior door styles.

Single-Panel Doors

Because of its versatility, one of the most popular interior door styles today is the single-panel door. These doors invoke classic design elements that work as well in modest, traditional houses as they do in more modern settings.

Multi-Panel Doors

To get a more architectural look, some homeowners skip single-panel doors for a multi-panel option. Doors with two, three, or more panels have increased in popularity in recent years. Because the panels that make up these doors can have their own architectural features, they can fit well into any design scheme. Generally, homes with more detail demand interior doors in Davenport with more panels.

Antique Doors

For those who want the appearance of a bygone era, antique doors can add immediate style to any vintage room. If you want the look of yore without having to sort through antique stores, a variety of new doors have an old look.

Disappearing Doors

For a more modern touch, you might consider installing flush interior doors. The purpose of these doors is to fade into the background of your design aesthetic so that you can focus on other style and architectural elements. If you do want to emphasize your flush door, you might consider adding an exquisite wood veneer.

Glass Doors

Gone are the days when designers exclusively used glass doors for the exterior of homes. Nowadays, you can find glass panel doors throughout homes, especially in dark areas that can benefit from increased natural lighting.

Interior doors in Davenport can add a major stylistic element to any new or remodeled home. When picking out yours, consider these hot trends in interior door styles.

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