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Four Reasons You Should Not Skip the Gutter Guards

Posted October 08, 2016

gutter guards Davenport

When you have a new roof installed, there are many other elements that go with it. You will need to consider the fascia and soffit, as well as the rain gutters. While they are not required, gutter guards in Davenport are recommended for optimum results. The following are just a few reasons you should not skip having them installed.

1. Cleanliness Rain gutters can get pretty messy and eventually clogged up. Leaves and other debris come down with the wind, the rain and just as a natural part of the seasons. If not cleaned out immediately, moss and sludge can begin to build up, creating a mess that does not allow the gutters to work properly. This mess can also cause the gutters to pull away from the roof, which allows moisture to get inside the structure of the home.

2. Rust Prevention Often times, gutters rust prematurely because of the moist debris that gets clogged in them. With the gutter guards in place, rust is prevented, and your gutters can last a lot longer than initially thought.

3. Wildlife Barriers Cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents and birds often find gutters a great place to nestle down and breed. Eventually, some of these pests make their way into the empty space of your roof, which causes more damage. Gutter guards in Davenport make this nearly impossible for most pests.

4. Better Water If you have a rainwater tank, you will get better quality water from gutters with a guard. The debris and contaminants that would typically come through the downspout and into your tank will be nearly eliminated and you can use your water for a larger variety of purposes.

As you can see, gutter guards in Davenport play an essential role in cleanliness, rust prevent, wildlife barriers and better water. If you are installing a new roof, be sure to speak with your East Moline roofing contractors about gutter guards and what you need to do to have them installed on your home.

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