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Five Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Posted April 22 , 2017

Vinyl siding Moline

Whether you are upgrading your existing home or doing new construction, if you are seeking vinyl siding in Moline, there are five benefits to vinyl siding that you should consider.

One:Vinyl Siding is More Durable than Other Types of Siding

Although there are other types of siding on the market, vinyl is the most durable.It is designed to withstand the elements, even hail.It is moisture resistant.Often, vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty.

Two:Vinyl Siding Is Very Low Maintenance

Because vinyl siding resists moisture, termites and rot, it requires very little maintenance.A good cleaning once a year should do it.Unlike many other materials, it never has to be repainted.

Three:Vinyl Siding Is Energy Efficient

Insulated vinyl siding prevents heat and cool air loss between the exterior walls and the studs.Many homes have insulation between the wall studs, but the studs themselves can allow heat and cool air to escape where the come into contact with exterior siding.The thermal bridging of vinyl siding prevents this from happening, helping your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Four:Vinyl Siding Is Versatile

Available in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles, vinyl siding can be the perfect complement to any style of home.Even older homes can be sided with vinyl that approximates the original look of the home.

Five:Vinyl Siding Is Cost Effective

The most compelling reason to choose vinyl siding is that, in addition to looking wonderful, it can cost significantly less than other alternatives.Professionally installed wood siding can cost over twice as much (and require much more maintenance) than professionally installed vinyl siding.

In short, vinyl siding can give you the style you desire in a way that requires little maintenance and that is friendly to your budget.When shopping for siding for your home, consider vinyl siding in Moline.

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