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Fall is a Great Time for Roof Improvements

Posted September 09, 2016

gutter guards Davenport

If you are in the market for home repairs or improvements, why not combine a few projects and save a little time and money? You can save on the cost of labor when you have gutter guards in Davenport installed by roofing contractors in Davenport who are repairing or replacing your homes roof.

Every homeowner can appreciate the protection offered by gutter guards, which collect rainwater as it falls off the roof and channel it down and away from the foundation. Early fall is a great time to have this work done on your home, before the leaves start flying and storms hit.

You have a few choices in the type of gutter to install:

Screens, usually made from aluminum or PVC, cover the top of the gutter. Its many holes are designed to allow water to pass through to the gutter itself while blocking leaves and debris.

Fillers make use of lengths of large brushes or very porous foam. They sit in the gutter, filtering water down while blocking leaves on the top.

Reverse curves are attached to the top of the gutter and curve downward and into the cavity. The idea with this system is that water follows the curve while leaves and debris do not and are carried off the roof.

Roofing Installation

Roofing installation is a home improvement that definitely needs a professional hand. When shopping for the right roofing contractors in Davenport, be sure to ask about the work process. This should include:

Complete removal of existing layer

Shingle protection in the form of synthetic and/or felt shields

Proper ventilation to prevent moisture and heat from damaging attic materials

Protecting your home, and your investment in it, is crucial to enjoying its comforts for many years to come. Seek a professional who can provide gutter guards in Davenport.

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