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Doors and Windows are Important Home Accents

Posted September 06, 2016

Interior doors in Davenport

Interior doors in Davenport add beauty to any room and come in all shapes and sizes. Replacement window installers can add energy-efficient windows that look great, too. Here are some options for door materials, followed by information on double-paned windows.

Door Materials

Solid wood doors add a warm, natural look to any room. They are popular as entry doors as well and come in a variety of woods, including cherry, walnut, mahogany and pine. Great at blocking noise, they are the most expensive door.

Solid core doors are less expensive and about equal in insulating sounds and temperatures. The core is a blend of wood and fiber, with veneers of plywood or composite materials. They have the same sturdy feel as solid-wood doors.

Hollow core doors are empty inside, as their name implies, and they are the least expensive. Made of lighter materials like plywood or composite, these doors do not hold up as well and cannot block much noise.

MDF (medium density fiberboard) doors are another option for low-cost interior doors in Davenport. Made from recycled wood fibers, they are durable and resist warping.

Metal and glass doors offer a modern, streamlined look and are becoming more and more popular as interior doors. Their glass insets make them a little more expensive.

Double-paned Windows

Complete a rooms look with help from professional window replacement installers. Double-paned windows are the standard in todays energy-conscious society and they add value to your home. Functional as well as flattering, they can be custom-fit to just about any dimension.

Another benefit of double-paned windows is ease of use. They slide open and shut and lock easily, features that even a child can appreciate. Cleaning is a breeze with sashes that tilt in and out give you access to all surfaces.

Modernize and upgrade your homes look with door and window accents. Interior doors in Davenport will help bring out your homes best features.

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