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Decorating Tips for Replacement Windows

Posted April 25 , 2017

window replacement Davenport

When it's time to replace your home's windows, you have a lots of decisions to make. Whether you're facing a home remodel or it's simply time for old windows to be updated, the choices you make about your new windows will impact the overall design of your home. If you're looking for window replacement in Davenport, here are a few tips to help you consider the wide range of decorative options for your new home windows.

1. Use Colors to Enhance Beauty

Window frames come in a range of colors and materials. Determining which finish is best for your home is one of the first choices you'll make in selecting your new windows. Woodgrain is a typical finish, and it is available in varieties such as Norwegian Maple, Golden Oak, Brazilian Pecan, Provincial Oak, Colonial Cherry and English Walnut. Instead of woodgrain, you may opt for a simple painted white or tan.

2. Consider Speciality Glass Accents

Window replacement in Davenport doesn't mean just simple glass panes anymore. Today's replacement windows can be customized with designer glass to enhance their beauty. Leaded glass designs come in different materials such as brass, patina, nickel and zinc, and color accents can be added for a beautiful effect.

3. Look Into Beveled Glass

Another enhancement that can be added to your windows for a decorative touch is beveled glass. In this type of thick glass, cuts called bevels are made to form elegant decorative shapes in the panel. These shapes can be frames around the glass panel, or a decorative accent in the middle of the panel itself, such as a stylized flower.

Window replacement in Davenport doesn't have to be a dull job. Modern windows can be enhanced with a variety of unique design touches to match your home's character. By taking some decorative options into consideration, you can transform your average window replacement project into a work of art.

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