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4 Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Posted March 15, 2016

roofing in Quad City

Replacing your roof is an investment, no matter the company you choose to work with or the material you choose to top your home, so you may think twice about replacing too soon. However, your roof is responsible for protecting the even bigger investment of your home, specifically the wood. Take the time to do a personal roof check to see if you need roofing in Quad City sooner rather than later.

1. Go Inside the Attic

One of the best ways to see if your roof is doing its job is to determine if it’s leaking. This is its main priority, so if you feel moisture under the insulation in your attic, it’s failing. Any signs of wood rot is a major sign to call in a professional right away before the damage becomes worse.

2. Check out Its Age

Typical roof styles need replacing every 15 to 25 years, but it depends on the material and craftsmanship used. Check your records to see how old your roof is, and if you think it’s getting too old, consider new roofing in Quad City before you start to see any problems.

3. Obvious Wear and Tear

If there’s a problem with your tiles or shingles, often they’ll let you know. Safely check out your roof for any broken, warped, or otherwise damaged shingles. These areas are no longer protecting your roof, and it’s a sign that a repair or replacement is in order.

4. A Sagging Roof

One of the most obvious signs that something is majorly wrong with your roof is when it sags. This means that moisture is loosening the wood underneath the roof, potentially causing rot problems. When this happens, it’s usually time to call in a professional to investigate options.

The Company You Choose Matters

Your home is probably one of the biggest assets you own, so don’t wait to consider new roofing in Quad City. Always find a professional company that knows how to work with you and your budget while providing customer-focused service and high quality products.

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