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3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Roof

Posted August 06, 2016

roofing installation company in Quad Cities

Day after you day, you sit in your house and don’t get rained on. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s because there’s a roof over your head. If the roofing installation company in Quad Cities that you hired did a good job, you don’t really notice the work your roof is doing. Here are three attributes of a quality roof that you might not be aware of but should definitely appreciate.

1. Extreme Weatherproofing

Living in Illinois or Iowa, you can’t take warmth for granted. You might only see shingles on top of your home, but under those slates are multiple feet of additional material that are there designed to withstand the constant moisture and thick snow that might settle on top of the roof. People forget that while a roof is supporting the weight of precipitation, it’s also making sure that water doesn’t work its way inside the house.

2. Ventilation

Airflow might seem like something that your roof is supposed to be guarding against, but a good roofing installation company in Quad Cities will make sure your roof is properly ventilated so that air is directed the right way. If air isn’t allowed to flow through the roof, rainwater won’t dry and the materials will start to rot and mildew.

3. Additional Insulation

Aside from the materials used to protect against the cold and dampness, more insulation is usually added to guard against excessive heat that can prove just as damaging to your roof. If you went layer by layer, tearing off everything protecting you from the weather, it would take a while to get through it all.

If you’re doing any roof repairs, it’s important that you try to find the best roofing installation company in Quad Cities. With the amount of work that goes into properly placing all the different materials, you don’t want to leave this task in the hands of an amateur.

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