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3 Signs You Should Invest in New Siding

Posted on October 11, 2017

House Siding Rock Island, IL

Siding serves many purposes. It helps with insulation and energy efficiency. It keeps your home looking good, and it prevents rotting of your homes exterior construction. While many siding products are made to last for many years, there will eventually come a time when your house siding in Rock Island,IL needs to be replaced. Here is a look at three signs to watch for that tell you it is time for new siding.

1. Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up

While not all increases in energy costs are due to bad siding, if you notice your bill is higher and there is no other explanation, it could be a sign your siding needs replaced. When siding wears out, it could develop leaks that allow air flow in and out of your home, leading to energy loss.

2. You Paint More Frequently

If you have wood siding, you should be painting about every five years. If you have to paint more often, then the siding could be bad. It is likely time for new siding. This time around we suggest going with vinyl because it lasts longer and doesn't require painting, which saves you time and money.

3. You Have Mold Issues

Siding that is in good shape should keep water out of your home. If your house siding in Rock Island is worn, though, it could allow water leaks that then lead to mold inside your home. Mold is a serious health issue that needs to be handled promptly, so bad siding that leads to mold must be replaced quickly.

The siding on your home plays many roles. When it is worn out, it can no longer do those things. This produces sure signs that your house siding in Rock Island needs replaced. To learn more, contact us at Mainstream Home Improvement. Give us a call at (309) 762-6244 or visit us here.

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