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Best Home Improvement Company in the Quad Cities

At Mainstream Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on consistently being voted the best home improvement company in the Quad City Area. Our secret is four key components: customer service, quality products, quality installation, and teamwork.

Quad City Area Home Improvement

What does Mainstream Home Improvement have to offer your Quad City Area home? Where do we start? Where there's Energy Star rated replacement windows, exterior doors that last as long as the house, siding that revolutionizes your curb appeal, or gutter covers to protect your gutters and roof as a whole.

Mainstream Home Improvements Services in Aledo IL

Part of what makes our services the best in the area comes down to the care we put into every project. For example, before we take care of a door and window replacement in Aledo, Illinois, we check the surrounding wall to ensure it is capable of handling a new structure.

Mainstream Home Improvement Services in Alburnett IA

A variety of services are available from Mainstream Home Improvement, so you dont have to worry about who to call when your home needs a touch-up.

Mainstream Home Improvement Services in Albany Illinois

Need help with your remodeling? Mainstream Home Improvements has you covered! We offer door and window replacement , siding installation, roof replacement in Albany Illinois, and much more.

Mainstream Home Improvement Services In Bettendorf

Mainstream Home Improvement has been serving the Bettendorf area for over fifteen years. We offer a variety of services, including siding, gutter covers, door replacement, and more.

Gutter Guards Eliminate Dangerous Maintenance

The weather in Bettendorf is hard on your roofing system. Gutter guards are one way to protect your home against dirt buildup along the eaves of your house.

What Roofing Material Is Best For Your Home In Quad Cities?

To find the best roofing material for your home, you really only need to consider three things: your style, the angle of your roof and your budget. Asphalt, metal and stone roofs are all popular options.

Three Sure Signs You Need New Vinyl Siding in Davenport

Vinyl siding is as durable as it is affordable, but how do you know when it's time for new siding?